Our History

It is an honor to relate the history of our Moving Forward Arlington group. We started out in the spring of 2015, as a volunteer group called “Arlington for Hillary.” Arlington Democrats always organize local volunteer groups for campaigns and this was just another in such effort. In this case I was the Team Leader, often others take on this role. And as usual, we formed a leadership team comprised of seasoned political activists who had previously worked on or led such groups in the past–and we got to work. We recruited more team members and we started the process of recruiting volunteers so we would have the manpower (actually most often womanpower) to mount a campaign.

We reached out to the Clinton campaign so that we could collaborate and coordinate our efforts. We helped organize a regional kick-off featuring Congresswoman Katherine Clark and we got out our clipboards to sign up volunteers. We had house parties, we staffed a table at the Arlington Farmers’ Market for two summers, and showed up at Town Day and other events. We organized phone banks to recruit volunteers and to talk to voters and we organized canvassers to knock on doors during the NH primary, the MA primary and in NH during the general election. We helped to staff the office which was sponsored by the Arlington, Belmont and Lexington Town Democratic Committees.

Everyone worked very hard.

The enthusiasm and camaraderie was palpable.

We were optimistic that Hillary would win despite the obstacles she was facing. So when we lost we were devastated. We reached out to each other and to our volunteers for support and to avoid losing hope. And unlike what usually happens when a campaign ends, win or lose, we decided to regroup for the purpose of continuing our advocacy and to work for for the values represented by Hillary’s campaign. We let our more than two thousand email subscribers know about this and most decided to stay with us.

We are delighted that so many new grassroots efforts have sprung up in Arlington and surrounding communities and happy to work with them, support them and help publicize their events. Our group has decided to focus on what we know how to do, namely politics. We support and work with our legislators and will have their backs when needed. And we will create events, publicity and opportunities not only to help the resistance but also to help us to continue to move forward toward an equitable and democratic society.

– Hannah Simon

We connect, organize and combat intolerance and divisiveness through community and political engagement.

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